Quality of Epitaxial Layers
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Table 2491 defines the quality of epitaxial layers grown on a substrate.

Table 2491. Quality of epitaxial layers grown on a substrate.

Epitaxial status
Random molecules
Essentially amorphous structure with weak interlinking between molecules, possibly with some ordering
Amorphous extended lattice
Similar strength interatomic bonds but no great length scale correlation
Nearly perfect polycrystalline
Random orientated crystallites with similar size and shape
Textured polycrystalline
Crystallites preferentially orientated normal to the surface, but randomly orientated in the plane with a size distribution
Textured epitaxial
The layer orientation is close to registry with the underlayer, both normal and parallel to the surface plane. The layer is composed of mosaic blocks.
Nearly perfect epitaxial
A single extended crystal having near perfect registry with the same orientation as the underlayer






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