Carbon Supports for EM Analysis
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Holey carbon films on copper (Cu) TEM grids (see Figure 2944) are usually used to support TEM specimens, e.g. nanoparticles.

Carbon Supports for EM Analysis

Figure 2944. Holey carbon films on copper (Cu) TEM grids. (A) and (B) show two different features of such films.

In investigations of nanoparticles, to achieve high spatial resolutions (especially atomic resolution) in SEM, STEM, and TEM, very thin carbon supports have to be used. For instance, Inada, Zhu, et al. [1] employed 2-nm carbon support to obtain atomic resolution on uranium oxide nano-crystals in a Cs-corrected SEM.





[1] H. Inada, D.Su, R. F. Egerton, M.Konno, L.Wu, J.Ciston, J.Wall, Y.Zhu, Atomic imaging using secondary electrons in a scanning transmission electron microscope: Experimental observations and possible mechanisms, Ultramicroscopy 111(2011)865–876.