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Strukturbericht is a notation for crystal structures. The symbol is composed of a letter that characterizes and identifies the structure type and a number designating a specific type within a letter category. Table 2955 lists Strukturbericht notations. For instance, elements is symbolized to be A*, and AB type compound is symbolized B*, and AB2 type compound is C*, AmBn type is D*.

Table 2955. Strukturbericht notation.

Strukturbericht Symbol

Pearson symbol
Space group
Prototype crystal structure
  A1   cF4 Fm3m fcc, Cu
A A2 Element cI2 Im3m bcc, W
  A3   hP2 P63/mmc hcp, Mg
  A4   cF8 F-43m Diamond (C)
  A5   tI4   White Tin (Sn)
  A7   hR2   α-As
  A9   hP4 P63/mmc Graphite (C)
  A12   cI58   α-Mn
  A15   cP8 Pm3n β-W (WO3), Nb3Sn
  B1   cF8 Fm3m NaCl
  B2   cP2 Pm3m CsCl
  B3   cF8 F43m ZnS (sphalerite)
  B4   hP4 P63mc ZnO (wurtzite)
  B10   tP4 P4/nmm PbO
B B19 AB compounds oP4   AuCd (orthorhombic)
  B20   cP8   FeSi
  B26   mC8 C2/C CuO
  Bf   oC8 Cmcm CrB
  C1   cF12 Fm3m CaF2
C C2 AB2 cF12 Pa3 FeS2 (pyrite)
  C3   cP6 Pn3m Cu2O (cuprite)
  C4   tP6 P42/mnm TiO2 (rutile)
  C6   hP3 P3m1 CoI2
  C7   hP5 P63/mmc MoS2
  C8   hP9 P6222 SiO2 (high quartz)
  C9   cF24 Fd3m SiO2 (β cristobalite)
  C10   hP12 P63/mmc β Tridymite
  C11b   tI6 I4/mmm MoSi2
  C14   hP12   MgZn2
  C15   cF24 Fd-3m MgCu2
  C18   oP6 Pnnm FeS2 (marcasite)
  C21   oP24 Pbca TiO2 (brookite)
  C32   hP3 P6/mmm AlB2
  C36   hP24   MgNi2
  C43   mP12 P21/c ZrO2
  D03   cF16   Fe3Al
  D09   cP4 Pm3m ReO3
  D011   oP16 Pnma Fe3C
  D024   hP16 P63/mmc Ni3Ti
D D51 AmBn hR10 R3c a-Al2O3
  D52   hP5 P3c1 La2O3
  D510   oP20   Cr3C2
  D72   cF56 Fd3m Co3S4 (Linnaeite)
  D82   cI52 I4-3m γ-brass (Cu5Zn8)
  D84   cF116   Cr23C6
  D8b   tP30 P42/mnm σ-FeCr
  D101   oP40   Mn7C3
E•K E21 Complex cP5 Pm3m Perovskite (cubic BaTiO3), CaTiO3
H11     cF56 Fd3m MgAl2O4


L10 Alloys tP4 P4/mmm AuCu, FePt
  L11   hR32 R3m CuPt
  L12   cP4 Pm3m Cu3Au
  L21   cF16   Heuisler (Cu2MnAl)
O   Organic      
S   Silicates      




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