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Atomic Packing factor in crystals
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Atomic packing factor (APF) describes how efficiently atoms fill the space within a given unit cell. Assuming the atoms are hard spheres, the APF can be given by,

        Atomic packing factor (APF) in crystals ------------------------- [3030]

Table 3030. Atomic packing factor (APF) in crystals.

Packing factor
Simple cubic (SC)
0.52 Polonium (Po), α-Mn
Body-centered cubic (BCC)
0.68 Fe, Ti, W, Mo, Nb, Ta, K, Na, V, Zr, Cr
Face-centered cubic (FCC)
0.74 Fe, Cu, Au, Pt, Ag, Pb, Ni
Hexagonal close-packed (HCP)
0.74 Ti, Mg, Zn, Be, Co, Zr, Cd




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