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Measurement of Electron Probe Current with EELS Spectrometer
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In addition to the method of the measurement of electron probe (or beam) current with Faraday cage, the current can be measured with an EEL spectrometer. There are mainly two ways of measuring the probe current with the EELS technique.

Firstly, the current can be measured as follows:
         i) Count the total number of electrons in the spectrum acquired in a known time.
         ii) Convert this number to amperes.

Secondly, the current can be measured below:
         i) Use EELS method to record the count with a known beam current. This known beam current normally was obtained by the TEM manufacturer when the TEM installation or maintenance was performed.
         ii) Use EELS method to record the count in unknown beam condition.
         iii) By comparing the two recorded counts, the beam current for the unknown beam condition can be extracted.





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