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Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)
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Table 3313. Typical materials in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) designs.

Anode supported cell (ASC) Anode substrate Ni-YSZ, SrTi (300 µm - 1 mm)
Anode Ni-YSZ, SrTi
Electrolyte 8YSZ, ScSZ
Cathode LSM-YSZ (>800 °C), LSCF (with diffusion barrier CGO) (<750 °C), LSF, LSC, LSCCF, LaNi, etc
Interconnects LaCr, CFY, CroFer22APU, etc
Electrolyte supported cell (ESC) Anode Ni-YSZ, SrTi
Electrolyte 8YSZ, 3YSZ, ScSZ
Cathode LSM-YSZ (>800 C), LSF
Interconnects LaCr, CFY, CroFer22APU, etc,
Metal supported cell (MSC) Anode substrate CroFer22APU, CFY, etc 300 µm - 1mm
Anode Ni-YSZ, SrTi with diffusion barrier
Electrolyte 8YSZ, ScSZ, CeO
Cathode LSM-YSZ, LSCF/CGO, etc
Interconnects CFY, CroFer22APU, etc
Cathode supported cell Anode Ni-YSZ
Electrolyte 8YSZ
Cathode LSM-YSZ
Interconnects Ni felt




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