EELS Measurements of Magnesium (Mg)
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The Mg L2,3 ELNES profiles in Figure 3440 show a significant difference in the chemical neighborhood of the magnesium atoms in a precipitate in C/Mg-Al composites, metallic, and oxidic magnesium. For the precipitate phase the ELNES also shows a peak structure of the L2,3 ionization edge of aluminum at about 73 eV.

Mg L2,3 ELNES profiles in three different materials

Figure 3440. Mg L2,3 ELNES profiles in three different materials. [1]







[1] Armin Feldhoff, Eckhard Pippel, and Jörg Woltersdorf, Interface Engineering of Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Mg-Al Alloys, Advanced Engineering Materials, 2(8), 471, (2000).




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