Maximum Usable Illumination Angle in STEM
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The property of STEM imaging is affected by the geometric aberrations of the probe-forming optics. For instance, for a C5-corrected system where the first-, third- and fifth-order aberrations are set up to optimally oppose uncorrected seventh-order geometric aberrations and the parasitic aberrations up to sixth order are cancelled out, the maximum usable illumination angle in STEM can be given by [1],

Maximum Usable Illumination Angle in STEM ------ [3571]

        λ -- The electron wavelength




[1] Krivanek OL, Corbin GJ, Dellby N, Elston BF, Keyse RJ, Murfitt MF, Own CS, Szilagyi ZS, Woodruff JW. An electron microscope for the aberration-corrected era, Ultramicroscopy, 108 (2008) 179–195. 



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