GIF Mapping Module in Digital Micrograph
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As in Figure 3979, the GIF mapping module is a software package of Digital Micrograph plug-ins and scripts (click here for the file-storing folder in DM) for collecting and processing energy-filtered imaging and elemental mapping, consisting of auto-installing Digital Micrograph menu commands and user-customizable scripts. This module also includes a user-editable table of filter settings for mapping any element in the periodic table. The file IF mapping package provides a library of mapping-specific subroutines which are called by the IF mapping scripts. This appears as customizable commands in a Filter menu appended to the menu bar of Digital Micrograph. The available mapping-related commands are:

      Filtered Imaging Setup
      Acquire Filtered Series
      Acquire Elemental Map
      Acquire Ratio Map
      Measure Relative Drift
      Compute Elemental Map
      Compute Ratio Map

Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) software package

Figure 3979. Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF) software package.



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