Cost of EMs and Related Systems
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Considering commercial equipments, the prices of various EMs differs widely. In general, the costs of the instrument and maintenance are roughly in proportion to the maximum operating voltage of the same type of EMs. For instance, lower voltage TEMs have the advantage of reducing overall cost. Table 4380 lists the ranges of the prices of some tools or functions.

Table 4380. Ranges of the prices of some tools or functions.


Application examples
Year quoted

FIB milling

$ 0.5~2 million    

e-beam writer

$ 2.5~6 million    
Laser writer
$ 0.5~1 million    
Toshiba 1600XP/1600XPi Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
$ 8,000 FEI and JEOL TEMs 2015
$ 1~4 million: E.g. $ 1 million for a JEOL 1200EXII, a Philips EM10, or a Hitachi 7000, and $ 4 million for a JEOL ARM 200F  
Schottky type emitter
A cheaper way to replace a broken tip is to refurbish the old tip by replacing W needle with Zr coating  

In general, FIB milling cost is about $300/hour, including the labor expense.