Set Flyback Time in DigiScan Image
to Avoid Image Distortion
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The flyback time, sometimes called the critical response time, is the time it takes to queue a new ready task and restore the state of the highest priority task to running. This concept is widely used in many systems, e.g. it describes between successive scans of the television system.

In electron microsocpes, fFlyback is he period during scanning when the electron beam returns rapidly to the beginning of the next line.

If the flyback time is not correctly set, the DigiScan image will show distortion.

To correct the such image distortion, hit the advanced button in the DigiScan Setup Dialog, then you can change the Flyback time. This is the time delay between the end of one row of the image and the beginning of the next. This time should be set large enough so that the microscope will be able to keep up with the scan. If the value is set too small, then the left hand side of the DigiScan image will show distortion.



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