TEM Sample Preparation for Atomic Short-Range Ordering Analysis
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This book (Practical Electron Microscopy and Database) is a reference for TEM and SEM students, operators, engineers, technicians, managers, and researchers.


Zhu et al. [1] reported that TEM specimens were prepared from Zr–Nb–Cu–Ni–Al bulk metallic glasses using the ion-milling method with a low energy of ~2.0 keV. The icosahedral short-range ordering in the prepared specimens was examined with FFT patterns extracted from HRTEM images.



[1] Z.W. Zhu, L. Gu, G.Q. Xie, W. Zhang, A. Inoue, H.F. Zhang, Z.Q. Hu, Relation between icosahedral short-range ordering and plastic deformation in Zr–Nb–Cu–Ni–Al bulk metallic glasses, Acta Materialia 59 (2011) 2814–2822.




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