Beam Suppressor in FIB
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Figure 2488 shows the schematic illustration of dual beam FIB/SEM. The angle (α) between the electron beam and ion beam is normally in the range of 52 and 54°. The description and operation principle of all the components in the system can be found in the online book.

Schematic illustration of dual beam FIB/SEM

Figure 2488. Schematic illustration of dual beam FIB/SEM.

Table 2488. The function of each part in the FIB.

Ion source
Improves the distribution of extracted ions
High tension used for ion extraction: Typical accelerating voltage in FIB systems ranges from 1 to 30 keV
Spray aperture
First refinement
1st lens (condenser lens)
Parallelize the ion beam: probe forming
Upper octopole
Beam defining aperture
Defines current: A set of apertures define the probe size and provides a range of ion currents (10 pA – 30 nA)
Blanking deflector
Beam blanking: Beam blankers are used to deflect the beam away from the centre of the column
Blanking aperture
Beam blanking
Lower octopole
Raster scanning
2nd lens (objective lens)
Beam focusing




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