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Comparison between Common Pumps used in EMs
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Table 3182 summaries the comparison between common pumps used in EMs. You can click the relevant link to understand the details about each pump.

Table 3182. Comparison between common pumps used in EMs. 

Gas volume
High Low        
Common applications
Yes in TEM Yes in TEM Less in TEM Yes in LaB6 guns and FEGs   Yes in LaB6 guns and FEGs
Moving parts
Yes No Yes No Yes No
Oil-contamination Oil-contamination Oil-free Oil-free Oil-free Oil-free
Vacuum level
Atmospheric pressure to 10-3 torr 10-6 to 10-8 torr Atmospheric pressure to ~10-6 torr ~10-4 to ~10-11 torr   ~10-4 to ~10-15 torr
Low       High  
Less demand Less demand Higher demand Demand   Less demand
Less Less More     Less
Typical applications
Used for back-line evacuation of oil diffusion pumps and turbo molecular pumps Used to evacuate large-capacity camera chambers Used to evacuate columns Used to evacuate electron gun chambers and TEM columns, and to maintain high vacuum   Is possible to attain an ideal vacuum




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