Niobium Oxides
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An example of block crystalline structures is the block structures related to the ReO3 type, for instance, niobium oxide with block structures as shown in Figure 3350. The block structure consists of [n x m] blocks of corner sharing octahedra, which corresponds to small sections of the ReO3 structure. These blocks in the structure are separated from each other by crystallographic shear planes in two directions, and contain edge-sharing octahedra. The adjacent blocks are either located in the same plane and connected by common edges or corners or by tetragonal sites or they are displaced in the perpendicular direction by half an octahedron diagonal.

HRTEM image and electron diffraction pattern along [010] of an Nb12O29

Figure 3350. HRTEM image and electron diffraction pattern along [010] of an Nb12O29
material. The orthorhombic blocks are marked with arrows.




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