Electronic Structures/Properties of Materials and Their Detections
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This book (Practical Electron Microscopy and Database) is a reference for TEM and SEM students, operators, engineers, technicians, managers, and researchers.



Some spectroscopic techniques can be utilized to probe the electronic structures of materials.  For instance, the intensity ratio of M5 to M4 peaks in ELNES of EELS and x-ray absorption spectrum (XANES) can be changed depending on the valence states of Ce. [1]. Ce 4f to 3d resonant X-ray fluorescence (RXF) spectrum can also be used to investigate the Ce valence in fluorides and oxides, in combination with theoretical calculations. Furthermore, the photoluminescence stimulated excitation spectrum in the ultraviolet and visible light range (UV-VIS) provides information on unoccupied Ce 5d states.

More specifically, this book discusses the applications and theory of EELS based methods in detail because EELS system is installed in EMs and is related to electronic, optical and mechanical properties of the observed materials.




[1] S. Arai, S. Muto, T. Sasaki, K. Tatsumi, Y. Ukyo, K. Kuroda and H. Saka: Solid State Commun. 135 (2005) 664–667.



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