Spatial Resolution of EDS on Light Element Matrices
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The accelerating voltage of electron beam in SEM for chemical micro-analysis using EDS is normally from 20 to 30 kV [1]. For light element matrices the spatial resolution is substantially degraded. For light elemental quantification, e.g. in biological science, low accelerating voltages (e.g. <5 keV) are frequently used. In this case, the EDS technique is called low voltage energy dispersive spectroscopy (LVEDS).

The atmospheric thin window (ATW) and windowless detectors are the keys for analysis of the K lines of the light elements (4< Z <11; 0.110 < Ei< 1.04 keV) using EDS technique. Here, Z is atomic number and Ei is ionization energy of atoms.





[1] R. Castaing, A. Guinier, Proceedings 1st International Congress on Electron Microscopy, Delft, 1950, p. 60.



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