Kikuchi Patterns & Strain Measurement of Silicon
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Figure 4986a shows a typical HOLZ pattern from Si (silicon) with [230] electron incidence at an acceleration voltage of 200 kV. Si [230] HOLZ patterns are often used in the strain measurements. The dark lines are the HOLZ lines corresponding to the HOLZ reflection of each indicated index. The intersections, formed by the HOLZ lines, crossing at acute angles (e.g. indicated by the black arrow heads) would improve the measurement accuracy since these positions are sensitive to the variations in HOLZ line positions and thus to the variations in the strain components. The intersections marked by the white circles were used in strain measurement by Toda et al. [1]

Si [230] HOLZ pattern

Figure 4986a. Si [230] HOLZ pattern obtained at an accelerating voltage of 200 kV. [1]





[1] Akio Toda, Nobuyuki Ikarashi, Haruhiko Ono, Local lattice strain measurements in semiconductor devices by using convergent-beam electron diffraction, Journal of Crystal Growth 210 (2000) 341-345.





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