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Pbca (61) Space Group
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Table 3016. Pbca (61) space group.

Name in the International Tables for Crystallography
Pbca P
47 mmm
Crystal system
Orthorhombic mmm
0 ≤ x ≤ 1/2 and 0 ≤ y ≤ 1/2 and 0 ≤ z ≤ 1/2
8 Crystal symmetry Is centrosymmetric because it has -x,-y,-z in its symmetry.
Symmetry (atomic coordinates)

X, Y, Z; 1/2-X, -Y, 1/2+Z; -X, 1/2+Y, 1/2-Z; 1/2+X, 1/2-Y, -Z; -X, -Y, -Z; 1/2+X, Y, 1/2-Z; X, 1/2-Y, 1/2+Z; 1/2-X, 1/2+Y, Z

Crystal examples
(Li0.52Mg0.48)(Mg0.48Sc0.52)Si2O6: a = 18.259 Å, b = 8.883 Å, c = 5.271 Å, Z = 8.




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