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I41/amd (141) Space Group
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Table 3022. I41/amd (141) space group.

Name in the International Tables for Crystallography
I41/amd I
139 4/mmm
Crystal system
Tetragonal 4/mmm
0 ≤ x ≤1/2 and 0 ≤ y ≤1/2 and 0 ≤ z ≤ 1/8
Symmetry (atomic coordinates)
X, Y, Z; 1/2-X, 1/2-Y, 1/2+Z; -Y, 1/2+X, 1/4+Z; 1/2+Y, -X, 3/4+Z; 1/2-X, Y, 3/4-Z; X, 1/2-Y, 1/4-Z; 1/2+Y, 1/2+X, 1/2-Z; -Y, -X, -Z; -X, 1/2-Y, 1/4-Z; 1/2+X, Y, 3/4-Z; Y, -X, -Z; 1/2-Y, 1/2+X, 1/2-Z; 1/2+X, 1/2-Y, 1/2+Z; -X, Y, Z; 1/2-Y, -X, 3/4+Z; Y, 1/2+X, 1/4+Z; 1/2+X, 1/2+Y, 1/2+Z; -X, -Y, Z; 1/2-Y, X, 3/4+Z; Y, 1/2-X, 1/4+Z; -X, 1/2+Y, 1/4-Z; 1/2+X, -Y, 3/4-Z; Y, X, -Z; 1/2-Y, 1/2-X, 1/2-Z; 1/2-X, -Y, 3/4-Z; X, 1/2+Y, 1/4-Z; 1/2+Y, 1/2-X, 1/2-Z; -Y, X, -Z; X, -Y, Z; 1/2-X, 1/2+Y, 1/2+Z; -Y, 1/2-X, 1/4+Z; 1/2+Y, X, 3/4+Z
Crystal examples

ZnMn2O4, MgMn2O4
TiO2: a = 3.764 and c = 9.502

Li2Mn2O4 (a = b = 5.6488 Å and c = 9.198 Å):    
Atom x y z Site symmetry Wyckoff site and multiplicity
Li1 0.0 0.7500 0.125 -4m2 4a
Li2 0.0 0.0 0.0 2/m 8c
Mn 0.0 0.0 0.5 2/m 8d
O 0.0 0.4776 0.2493 m 16h


[010] anatase TiO2
[010] anatase TiO2 [1]

Figure 3022. Examples of indexed electron diffraction (or FFT) patterns of I41/amd (141) crystals.





[1] Ma, Xue Yan; Chen, Zhi Gang; Hartono, Sandy Budi; Jiang, Hai Bo; Zou, Jin; Qiao, Shi Zhang; Yang, Huagui, Fabrication of uniform anatase TiO2 particles exposed by {001} facets, Chemical Communications, 46(35), 6608, 2010. DOI: 10.1039/c0cc01473g.



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