Integrated Reflection Coefficient
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Integrated reflection coefficient in TEM is the ratio of the integrated scattered beam intensity to the initial beam intensity received by a real crystalline sample from the incident beam in a real electron scattering measurement. In the case of X-ray diffraction measurements, the beam is X-ray instead of incident electrons.

For instance, in the kinematic theory of electron scattering, the integrated reflection coefficient is given by,

         Two-beam dynamical diffraction conditions / first Bethe approximation in TEM Measurements ------------------------------------------------------------------ [2712a]
         Two-beam dynamical diffraction conditions / first Bethe approximation in TEM Measurements ------------- [2712b]

         L -- The Lorentz factor in unit of length,
         I0 -- The intensity of the incident electron beam,
         S -- The illuminating area by the incident electron beam,
         Φhkl -- Fourier coefficients of an electrostatic potential,
         Fhkl -- The structure factors,
         A -- The thickness of the crystal in the TEM specimen,
         σ -- The interaction constant between the incident electrons and specimen,
         Θ -- The half of the angle between the transmitted and scattered electron beams,
         ξhkl -- The extinction distance.




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