Interplanar Crystal Spacing of the Seven Crystal Families
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Table 3567a. Interplanar crystal spacing (d) of the seven crystal families.

Triclinic Triclinic
Monoclinic Monoclinic
Trigonal Hexagonal
Orthorhombic Orthorhombic
Tetragonal Tetragonal
Hexagonal Hexagonal
Cubic Cubic

Table 3567b. Packing density in some crystal planes and their interplanar distances in particular crystal structures.

Crystal structure

Plane Packing density Interplanar distance
BCC Dodecahedral {110} Dodecahedral {110} Dodecahedral {110}
Octahedral {111} Octahedral {111} Octahedral {111}
Trisoctahedral {112} Trisoctahedral {112} Trisoctahedral {112}
Dioctahedral {123} Dioctahedral {123} Dioctahedral {123}
FCC Octahedral {111} Octahedral {111} Octahedral {111}
Cubic {100} Cubic {100} Cubic {100}
Dodecahedral {110} Dodecahedral {110} Dodecahedral {110}
HCP Basal {0001} Basal {0001} Basal {0001}
Prismatic {10-10} Basal {0001} Basal {0001}
Pyramidal {10-11} Basal {0001} Pyramidal {10-11}

The radius of the HOLZ rings is given by the interception of the Ewald sphere with the allowed HOLZ spots of the reciprocal lattice. In practice, the radius of the HOLZ ring is a direct measure of the interplanar spacing of the crystal along the direction of the directly transmitted electron beam. And, the interplanar spacing of the crystal can be approximately given by,

          H = 2L2λ/r2 ----------------------------------- [3567]

          L -- The camera length,
          λ -- The wavelength of the electron beam,
          r -- The radius of the HOLZ rings.



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