Methods of Measuring Strain at Micro/Nano-scales
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Several techniques have been developed for strain measurements at micro- and nano-scales as listed in Table 4312.

Table 4312. Techniques for strain measurements at micro- and nano-scales.

TEM-based techniques
X-ray diffraction
Raman spectroscopy
Dark-field inline holography

Dark-field off-axis electron holography (DFOH)

Sample thickness
Uniform and thin TEM sample
Measurement field of view
< 30 – 50 nm
Large field of view
Clear drawback
Strain relaxation due to very thin specimen
High angle sample-tilt is needed; HOLZ line
due to large strain gradient
Nano-scale: precise spatial resolution
Nano-scale (e.g. 10 nm)
~500 nm to micro-scale
~500 nm to micro-scale
Simple experimental set-up
Highest strain measurement accuracy in low strain region among all TEM-based methods
High sensitivity
Special notes
Most favorable technique for routine work
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