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 Chapter Z 
  Dependence of emission coefficient of secondary electrons on Z    Dependence of backscattered electrons on atomic number 
  Dependence of X-ray generation on atomic number   EELS signal/intensity dependence on Z-(atomic) number
Z- (atomic) number contrast  
  Atomic contrast (Z-contrast) by HAADF     Atomic contrast (Z-contrast) in SEM
  Sample requirements for high resolution atomic-number contrast HAADF imaging   Atomic-number contrast of yttrium ions
  Atomic-number contrast of aluminum ions   Atomic-number contrast of nitrogen ions
  Atomic-number contrast of lanthanum ions   Atomic-number contrast of strontium ions
  Atomic-number contrast of titanium ions   Atomic-number contrast of antimony ions
  Atomic-number contrast of oxygen ions   Atomic-number contrast of silicon ions
  Purity of Z-contrast in HAADF-STEM (removing diffraction contrast)   Atomic number contrast of nickel (Ni)
  Atomic number contrast of niobium (Nb)   Atomic number contrast of barium (Ba)
Zacharias Janssen and light microscope   Zeiss instruments
Zemlin tableaus method Zeolites
Zernike-type phase plate for TEMs  
  Broadening of EELS zero-loss peak due to phonon scattering   Zero-loss alignment in EFTEM/EELS measurement
  EELS resolution affected by asymmetry of zero-loss peak   EELS ZLP broadening due to mechanical vibration
  Zero loss extraction in EELS analysis   EELS artifacts/signal weakening due to misalignment of ZLP
  Zero-loss drift in EEL spectrum    Zero-loss filtering in EFTEM
  Zero-order Laue zone (ZOLZ)   Zero-order disk of CBED patterns
  Shift of HOLZ patterns relative to ZOLZ patterns  
  EELS measurement of zinc (Zn)   EDS measurement of zinc (Zn)
  ZnSe   (3C) zincblende structure
  Cu2ZnSnSe4    ZnSSe-based/GaAs heterostructures
  Zone-axis diffraction (ZAP) patterns   Zone axis determined by cross-product
  Accuracies of beam tilt & of alignment of zone axis   Zone axes in EBSP for EBSD
  Alignment of zone axis following Kikuchi lines by tilting EM samples   Indexing electron diffraction patterns starting with zone axis  
  EELS Measurement of Zirconium (Zr)   EDS analysis of Zr
  Additive-stabilized ZrO2   Zr1-xMnxO2
  Amorphous CuxZry alloys   Zr2Ni metallic glass
  Zrx–Nby–Cuz–Nim–Aln alloys   X-Zr equilibrium phase diagrams
  Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ)   Ni-Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ)
  SrZrO3   ZrO2
  CuxZryTiz   Zr-based metallic-glass alloys
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